What We Do

 Correalle & Company is a Maryland based Holding's Company that creates, acquires, partners, and manages businesses in the Howard, Baltimore, and surrounding counties in Maryland & DC. We bring our unique experience in strategic planning, marketing and operations to new, innovative businesses that shape the way people live, work and play.



 Correalle works with businesses consulting in every aspect of the business from implementing financial systems and procedures, planning to open/sell a business all the way to Re designing restaurant kitchens for optimal efficiency and providing day to day operational insight and knowledge. We work hand in hand with our partner clients to assure long term sustainability, growth and efficency. 

Business Ownership & Management

 Correalle creates and grow businesses from the ground up using our years of market insight, knowledge and expertise. Correalle Companies currently has four businesses in our Umbrella - Bauen Innovations, Sorrento Media, PIVOT Work Spaces and Correalle Investments. 


We partner with other business owner, innovators and entrepreneurs to start businesses

Involvement: Consulting, Branding & Marketing Services

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StrategicBusiness Planning

We help you find the right person & circumstances to accomplish your goal is. Looking to open a business in Howard County? Let us work with our extensive network of Investors, Property Owners and others to bring together the group of individuals to bring your idea to reality. Why pay market rent when with the right partnership risk can be mitigated and long term opportunity increased for all involved.

Risk Management

Helping to determine the correct or acceptable levels of risk when growing or expanding a business.

Involvement: Consulting, Branding & Marketing Services